Custom Design

Looking for something completely unique? Have an unusually shaped engagement ring, and can’t find a wedding band to match? Inherited your grandmother’s brooch and want to remake it into a new piece of jewelry? We can do it! Whether you have an exact picture in mind, or just a vague idea, we will work with you to create a custom piece of jewelry that will be treasured for generations.

The Custom Design Process

1. Design Consultation

We will work with you to understand what general style and design you are looking for. Bring along photos of designs you like, your own sketches if you have them, or we can start from scratch. If you have an existing piece of jewelry or stones you would like to use, bring them along too. We will advise you on different options and the cost of each. We have a large selection of gemstones on hand, and can help you select just the right ones for your style and budget. The whole process of creating a custom piece will take between four to six weeks.

2. Drawing Presentation

We will present you with precise hand drawings of designs showing the piece from several different angles. If you have a fairly clear idea of what you are looking for, we may be able to do this at the same time as the design consultation. If your ideas are more vague, or you would just like to see a few different options, we will work to create a series of unique designs for you to choose from later. Before we move on to the next step, we want to make sure the design is just as you would like it, so if needed, we will rework the chosen design until it is just right.

3. The Wax

Once you have chosen a design, we will have it carved in wax. This will be an exact, three dimensional replica of the final piece. If the wax looks just as you had imagined, we will get your approval to continue with the process of actually making the piece. If not, we will go back and make any requested changes to the wax. In the event that we had to procure any stones that we did not have in-house for your piece, we will show them to you at this time for your approval.

4. Casting

Next the piece will be cast in your chosen metal- 14K or 18K yellow, white, or rose gold, or platinum. (We can cast in sterling silver, but unless you are looking for multiples of the same piece-to give as gifts to your whole family for example, the price of creating a custom piece usually does not make sense. As silver itself is relatively inexpensive, more cost would go into the custom design than the actual piece.)

5. Stone Setting and Polishing

Once the piece is set, your stones are carefully hand set, and the metal is hand finished and polished to bring out its shine, texture, and details. After the piece is finished and carefully inspected we are ready to present you with your one of a kind piece!